Clinical Trials Insurance

Liability for all phases of clinical trials for drugs and medical devices as well as non-compulsory studies
Our specialist Clinical Trials Insurance team provide cover for every phase of a clinical trial, with locally compliant coverage given on an admitted basis in over 100 countries.

We understand the complexity, urgency, and specific risks involved in every stage of a clinical trial. Our Clinical Trials insurance solutions provide protection for the sponsors/organisers of clinical trials for drug and medical device testing, covering their legal liability to pay compensation in the event of an injury to a trial participant. 

Our team of specialist underwriters, risk consultants, and claims experts — which includes pharmacists and (bio)chemists — support the underwriting of trials worldwide and throughout all phases of a trial: this is complemented by our speedy and reliable quotations and documentation which is crucial for clients in this specialist segment. 

We cover liability for all phases of clinical trials for drugs and medical devices as well as non-compulsory studies arising from:

  • negligent harm to trial participants:
  • non-negligent harm (also known as no-fault compensation)

Underwriting is based on the agreed protocol and informed patient consent form (ICF) which describe the objectives, design, methodology, statistical considerations, and organization of a clinical trial.

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Annual survey identifying business risks

Technology is breeding new threats as well as business models. Traditional risks such as natural catastrophes continue to challenge while other threats such as cyber, neck-and-neck with business interruption at the top of the Allianz Risk Barometer 2019 for the first time, reputational risk, increasing exposure to intangible assets and volatility and consolidation in the corporate environment evolve daily.

Top 3 global risks in 2019 

  1. Business interruption (37%) - 2018 rank: 1 (42%)
  2. Cyber incidents (37%) - 2018 rank: 2 (40%)
  3. Natural catastrophes (28%) - 2018 rank: 3 (30%)
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