Space Insurance

The Allianz specialists in space and satellite insurance.

With its space team in Paris, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty is one of the worldwide leaders in satellite insurance and space insurance.

Combining one of the largest capacities in the industry, with industry leading financial ratings and expert team focused on a unique specialty market, we are the space insurer of choice.

Space and satellite insurance has evolved from simple launch insurance coverage to a complex discipline combining contract analysis and advice, risk evaluation, alternative risk transfer concepts, insurance program design and implementation, and claims negotiation.

Claims in the space insurance sector are more than just financial obligations – they are the opportunity to repay clients' trust. Our service at such times defines our future as partners of choice.

Similarly, risk consulting help our clients assess risks by conducting surveys, safety awareness consultations and other proactive steps to keep losses from occurring. With such high-value property at stake, risk guidance save clients time and money.

Providing the full range of space insurance coverage

We are well-equipped to meet the demands of the industry by providing capacity and expertise in the following space insurance classes:

  • Assembly, integration and test (AIT) coverage during the manufacturing and testing phase
  • Pre-launch – coverage during transport to the launch pad, at the launch pad before launch or in storage, as well as contingent exposures
  • Production facility / launch pad property damage – property cover for manufacturing and storage facilities
  • Launch and commissioning – cover for the launch systems and commissioning equipment
  • In-orbit – operational life insurance for the space satellite
  • In-orbit incentives – cover for the manufacturer’s obligation to the client in the event of malfunction or non-performance
  • Service interruption / loss of revenue / broadcast events – cover for broadcasters or any organization that uses telecom networks
  • Liability – cover for third party liability during a launch or in-orbit activities
  • Captive services – assisting cover for companies that self-insure space risks