Entertainment Risk Consulting

Risk management advice for productions and live events

We have years of experience in Entertainment Risk Management,  providing insurance solutions, risk consulting services and claims handling that assist  productions and live events.

Allianz Risk Consulting (ARC) Entertainment has partnered with a number of entities —  Event Safety Alliance, Event Intelligence Group, and Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. — so we  can assist your production or your Live event with additional support.

Risk Advisory Library

Our Entertainment Risk Consultants assist film and television productions throughout the entire process.  Services include:

  • specialized risk management programs providing guidance on production safety, government compliance and training employees
  • safety review of stunts, rigging, precision driving and pyrotechnics
  • consultation regarding Emergency Action Plans, Injury and Illness Prevention Plans
  • site surveys to assess stages and locations

Our Entertainment Risk Consultants assist promoters and production companies with risk management services and expertise to design profitable events as well as creating safe environments for patrons.

Services include:

  • risk management solutions to improve venue security and safety
  • venue management consulting for emergency response protocols
  • structural reviews for temporary stages and structures
  • site survey of live entertainment venues reviewing life safety issues including emergency plans, terrorism protocols, weather conditions and general liability concerns.

ARC Entertainment provides safety training and educational programs for Motorsports Team Members focusing on injury prevention and ergonomics. We also work with track officials and Motorsports safety organizations to mitigate risks associated with motorsport events.

  • survey barriers/fences etc. for crowd safety at race tracks
  • review track safety protocols
  • provide training to team members and specialized education programs focusing on injury prevention/ergonomics 

We are proud partners with the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) as Title Insurance Sponsor. The ESA's long-term goal is to promote safe events through training and education. With the support of tour managers, stage technicians, weather professionals, insurance authorities, fire experts and other skilled persons, the development of the Event Safety Guide was authored. The guide outlines best practices for live events.

For more information, visit eventsafetyalliance.org

The Event Intelligence Group (EIG) provides services for live events. EIG gathers relevant data from on-site resources, such as high-definition security cameras (HD CCTV), and relays information into an events communication center in real-time. This enables risk managers and event authorities to identify and resolve possible issues before they escalate. Video analytics can count people, perform facial recognition, recognize license plates, and track crowd density. EIG also conducts location-based monitoring of social media, GPS services and communication solutions.

For more information, visit eventintelligencegroup.com

Weather can have a significant impact on a live event. It's important to protect event staff, artists, and the audience from weather related issues. Our partner Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. monitors weather changes, allowing the event organizer to focus on managing the event. The WeatherOps/Weather Commander program provides 24/7 weather alerts and updates, venue-specific weather tracking, custom web-based software as well as access to a staff meteorologist.

For more information, visit weatherops.com

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We can provide exclusive feedback to clients through an integrated ‘lessons learned’ process on any important loss experience in order to avoid similar incidents through our AZT facilties.
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Our 60 specialist entertainment underwriters, claims adjusters, safety experts and auditors make us a recognized leader in entertainment insurance,  providing everything from film to live event insurance.
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Annual survey identifying business risks

Technology is breeding new threats as well as business models. Traditional risks such as natural catastrophes continue to challenge while other threats such as cyber, neck-and-neck with business interruption at the top of the Allianz Risk Barometer 2019 for the first time, reputational risk, increasing exposure to intangible assets and volatility and consolidation in the corporate environment evolve daily.

Top 3 global risks in the Entertainment & Media sector in 2019

  1. Cyber incidents (40%) - 2018 rank: 1 (33%)
  2. Business interruption (31%) - 2018 rank: 4 (28%)
  3. Market developments (26%)
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