Highly Protected Risk Insurance


Flexible coverage for building owners committed to maintaining their properties

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty offers Highly Protected Risk (HPR) insurance for owners of large commercial buildings who would benefit from broad, flexible coverage with the availability of high limits. This policy has the added benefit of access to our team of HPR underwriters and fire protection engineers — a partnership that can protect your property and lower long-term insurance costs.

We deliver HPR insurance for a number of specialized industries including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and commercial real estate. If you own commercial buildings, you may be the perfect candidate for this kind of policy with the following criteria:

  • Have active interest in protecting your property
  • Own building(s) that are equipped with automatic sprinklers and fire hydrants
  • Install and maintain safety features such as firewalls, barriers and fire doors
  • Employ guards or an alarm system for continuous supervision

Our HPR policy is flexible, allowing you to tailor and pay for only the coverages that you need. Choose a policy that’s just HPR or a package with several types of coverages for the level of protection you desire. Options include:

  • Business Income and Extended Business Income — protects business income if operations are suspended due to a covered loss
  • Data Compromise — enables you to respond effectively if personal information in your care, custody or control is stolen or compromised
  • Equipment breakdown protection — insures physical and financial damage when equipment fails
  • Durable goods coverage for manufacturers — combines customized protection for everything from replacing key employees to maintaining an eco-friendly building