Environmental Impairment Liability


Highly bespoke EIL solutions which include premises pollution and contractors pollution insurance.

Protecting the environment and people

Consequences from environmental incidents vary greatly depending on the scale, size, location and who and what is affected. The potential damage to the environment and to public health can be catastrophic, which forces companies to evaluate and mitigate this risk. AGCS has a global team of expert underwriters who provide tailored insurance solutions for our clients in the areas of:

  • Premises Pollution
  • Contractors Pollution

Premises Pollution Solutions

Environment Protect Premises
Exposures such as pollutant releases, biodiversity damages, bodily injury, or imminent threat to public health can hit companies of all sizes. Companies with manufacturing plants, laboratories, distribution centers, warehouses, and even retail locations are susceptible to a wide range of environmental risks. Our Environment Protect Premises solution can be constructed to mitigate these risks, and tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Contracting/Construction Pollution Solutions

Environment Protect Project
Pollution or damage to the environment arising from your work at job sites can damage your company’s reputation as well as incur millions of compensatory damages. AGCS developed its Environment Protect Project solution to address these exposures at job sites or construction sites, and can be written on a practice basis or project-specific basis.


Emergency Response Services*

Along with our expert claims handling abilities within the EIL field, AGCS has partnered with HETI, a multi-disciplinary, full-service environmental health & safety and risk management company, to help our clients with emergency response services. Quick response is vital to controlling environmental incidents, establishing good relations with regulators, minimizing environmental impacts on property and human health, and controlling response/ remediation costs. These services are offered on a 24/7 basis.

Crisis Communication Services

Our partnership with global crisis communication assistance companies provides our clients assistance to rapidly react in an emergency situation by maintaining and restoring public confidence, thereby minimizing potential reputational harm.


*HETI emergency response services are only available in the USA and Canada.