Optimized Program Design

International Insurance Programs (IIS) – Design Options

Our clients‘ exposures span industries and countries worldwide and each demands a tailored assessment of their insurance needs, as unique as the risks they face.

AGCS Multinational offers clients the breadth of our product range coupled with a commitment to deliver a solution that is right for you. The following represent a range of design options which can be deployed depending on client circumstances:

Standalone local policies

These may be suitable in circumstances where clients have adopted a lower level of financial integration or a less centralized regime of risk assessment & management:

  • Locally admitted policies issued by Allianz offices or our strategic service partners.
  • Handling requirements for taxes, levies and fees agreed locally.
  • No reinsurance "pooling" applicable.
DIC/DIL above local policies Locally admitted policies negotiated at an individual territory level can be further supplemented by the provision of incidental Difference in Conditions / Difference in Limits extensions - these offer coverage over and above the established local policy limits.
Single European policy (FOS)

Through application of a Freedom of Service (FOS) licence, we are able to offer insurance coverage within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA):

  • The ability to provide admitted cover for 28 EU and 3 EEA countries.
  • Compliance with country specific tax and compulsory insurance rules.
  • Full adherence to local tax legislation, with central co-ordination of insurance premium tax (IPT) transfer.
Centrally controlled master program This represents the  highest level of tailored program solutions. Master and local covers are fully integrated and aligned – and specific regulatory and legal requirements are all considered as part of the central program design.


For clients operating wholly or partially through a captive, Allianz also offers a wide range of captive fronting services which can be tailored to specific requirements.

The graphic below illustrates how a global master program could be structured with its different components:

Sample IIP Structure


The best programs will combine local practice with global requirements and will ensure that cover is fully harmonized across a client’s global footprint. The typical features of our fully co-ordinated program include:

  • Centrally agreed Master Policy, offering optimized scope of cover for maximum corporate protection
  • Master provided DIC / DIL protection where permissible, over and above locally admitted policies which are “pooled” to the master via reinsurance
  • Local policies (placed with Allianz companies or our partners) which: actively respond to local client requirements and reflect optimum market standard, properly reflect local regulatory and supervisory requirements, including compulsory insurance rules, and comply fully with handling requirements for taxes, levies and fees
  • Premiums calculated and allocated on relative risk exposures across the global portfolio
  • Integrated global risk management & loss control program
  • Centrally controlled claims handling via lead office
  • Information on exposures, policies & claims centrally controlled and recorded



Further global program components can be considered based upon specific regulatory or market requirements in a particular region, e.g. Umbrella liability cover in the US. The application of a European Freedom of Services (FOS) cover is not recommended for Liability programs due to the diversity of legal systems across different jurisdictions.