Best Practice Program Processing

Transforming an international insurance program from concept to reality may seem like a complex process.

In practice however, AGCS adopts a 4-stage structured approach which helps to ensure that every key process step is covered and every client gets the best program for their own unique profile.

The 4 stages are:

1. Planning: Mapping client exposures and optimal program components

  • Business profile information collated
  • Client specific requirements assessed
  • Applicable program countries reviewed (legal and regulatory snapshot)
  • AGCS client team established


2. Design: Creating the building blocks for a client centric, compliant program

  • Optimum program coverage aligned to client risk data
  • Client requirements mapped to Allianz network
  • Global program parameters agreed
  • Claims and risk consulting service protocols defined
  • Local policy requirements addressed
  • Risk survey program scheduled
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)drafted
  • Formal quote issued (including premium allocation proposal)
  • Binding order agreed
  • Program handed over for implementation according to agreed SLA’s


3. Deployment: Harnessing central and local resources for effective roll-out

  • Key data loaded to Allianz’s Global Program System
  • Local policy parameters agreed in full alignment with key client and broker contacts
  • Process for policy delivery and premium collection agreed locally between client, broker and Allianz
  • Facultative reinsurance processed for local policies “pooled” into the program
  • Local policies and invoices issued by Allianz office
  • Master policy and related premium invoice issued
  • Risk consulting, claims and fronting services rolled-out as agreed


4. Monitoring and Follow Up: Promoting transparency and regular communication

  • Progress and performance measured and reported against SLA’s
  • Account review process  (including regular feedback to client) initiated
  • Risk survey and mitigation program monitored
  • Mid-term adjustments implemented where required
  • Claims service reviews established
  • Regular client and broker feedback captured (using Net Promoter Score - NPS* - survey methodology)


*Net Promoter® is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc