Allianz Reputation Protect

Introduction to Allianz Reputation Protect Plus

A hacker attack, a major product recall, a corruption or fraud case or misconduct of a top manager – there are multiple scenarios and scandals that can hurt companies’ reputations or balance sheets. Every business can be affected by an unpredictable event that can seriously impact an organization’s performance and generate negative outcomes. Intangible  assets such as the value of a brand can amount to more than a quarter of a company’s value, yet this can be wiped out in seconds by a social media ‘shitstorm’. Allianz Reputation Protect Plus provides an effective way to access the services your company will need to prepare themselves for a crisis and to be able to meet the challenge should it arise. Allianz Reputation Protect Plus also provides damage cover in case the company suffers financial loss due to a reputational harm.

Allianz Reputation Protect Plus Highlights

In order to help businesses navigate professionally through crisis situations, Allianz Reputation Protect Plus offers an immediate support from a choice of international crisis communications consultants, provides a real-time media monitoring globally to assess the severity and development of the crisis, covers all consulting fees – and costs for crisis responses such as media interviews, client information campaigns and advertising, and where the reputational damage cannot be prevented, covers a loss of operating profits suffered as a result of the crisis.

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The product is offered in selected markets for smaller to Midcorp clients. Please contact your local AGCS Financial Lines partner for further inquiries.