Allianz Cyber Protect


Cyber Insurance

A comprehensive cyber insurance provided internationally and tailored to your company´s risk profile.

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty has over a decade of experience in cyber insurance, protecting business against a wide range of IT-related threats. Adjusted to your company´s individual risk profile, Allianz Cyber Protect enables businesses to enjoy comprehensive protection against cyber-crime and other cyber-related incidents, be they internal or external, malicious or accidental.  

Despite the rising level of cyber-crime and its sophistication, most businesses are not fully prepared to deal with the mounting cyber threat as many systematically underestimate the existing level of risk.[1] AGCS has been underwriting cyber risks in one form or another for over a decade. In light of the growing complexity of business processes and IT systems, we have long recognized the need for companies to take a holistic approach to their cyber risk management, which extends beyond cyber insurance. Our approach is based on a thorough assessment of your company´s risks, exposures and  culture, in short your IT maturity, combined with the appropriate level of cyber insurance coverage.

Minimize cyber-crime by assessing companies´ IT risk maturity

AGCS´s risk engineers, who are specialized in IT security, have developed an in-house methodology for evaluating companies´ IT risk maturity, taking into account all major elements of cyber security, resilience and the risk management approach. Assessing the maturity level is a key factor in the underwriting process, which enables AGCS to develop a holistic understanding of the clients´ preparedness and resilience. But whilst a strong risk management culture and IT security environment are essential for successful cyber risk management, they cannot guarantee 100% protection against cyber-crime. Companies should also consider cyber insurance as a viable solution for the remaining exposure.

Allianz Cyber Protect: Cyber insurance to fit your business needs

Allianz’s Cyber Protect is a suite of cyber insurance products where each policy offers a customized solution based on your company´s risk profile and specific needs. With a limit of indemnity of up to €100 million for the most sophisticated clients, Allianz Cyber Protect [2]covers first-party loss such as business interruption, restoration and crisis communication costs and third-party loss, including cover for data breaches, network interruption and notification expenses; as well as regulatory costs associated with defense expenditures.

With coverage available around the world, Allianz Cyber Protect  is currently underwritten by the AGCS teams in 13 major European markets[2], Asia and Canada.

Depending on your company´s IT risk profile and specific needs, you have a choice between three categories of product. Whilst Allianz Cyber Protect offers very broad coverage that can be purchased following a simple application procedure, bigger or more complex risks are insured under Allianz Cyber Protect Premium, which requires a more in-depth application process. For the most complex risks, we offer Allianz Cyber Protect Premium Plus, a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of the most sophisticated clients.

Allianz Cyber Protect - A broad and coherent protection plan

  • Data breach liability - for personal & corporate data
  • Data breach costs - including notification costs & IT forensic costs
  • Network security liability - for hacked or compromised systems including denial of service attacks
  • Media liability - for digital publications
  • Business interruption - caused by a cyber incident
  • Restoration costs for data & programs - resulting from a cyber business interruption event
  • Crisis communication - to mitigate reputational damage
  • Hacker theft cover - based upon theft of funds
  • E-payment liability - PCI fines and penalties covered
 Advantages A broad scope of cyber and privacy coverages with clear and transparent wordings. Easy and quick underwriting process without requirement of a risk survey leading to speedy quotes and confirmation of cover for our clients.  

Allianz Cyber Protect Premium - Higher level of cover for more sophisticated risks

Coverage Superior coverage with additional protection such as extended business interruption
Advantages Offers a higher level of cover subject to a risk dialogue with the client

Allianz Cyber protect Premium Plus - A tailor-made solution built to match your specific requirements


A coverage composed on the basis of Allianz Cyber Protect to be tailored for the specific client´s demands.

Our cyber team will conduct a full joint assessment of your business systems and requirements. A gap analysis process will identify shortfalls in cover. We will then work with you to build a bespoke policy aligned with your business.

Advantages A flexible solution for the unique needs of the client.

[1] Allianz Risk Barometer 2015

[2] In France, the name of our cyber insurance product is AGCS Cyber Data Protect