Crisis Management

Specialist crisis management support for a range of scenarios 

Whether you're a specialized SME or Mid-Corporate operating in domestic markets or a multinational giant, your business may need to respond to a wide range of crisis scenarios at a moment's notice, often with the immediate threat of major impact on your operations, reputation, and revenue.

At Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), our dedicated Crisis Management team and partners are on-hand to provide you with innovative solutions that can help you respond to a number of situations, from product recalls and contamination, to terrorism, political violence and hostile environments.

Companies are increasingly forced to manage issues outside of their area of expertise. AGCS has a dedicated Crisis Management insurance team to provide clients tailored solutions in this area.

We offer a wide-ranging suite of crisis management insurance solutions:

Insuring component parts manufacturers against automotive recall is one of our key strengths. As a global company with more than 40 years of experience in underwriting automotive product recall insurance, we work closely with our engineers and risk consultants to develop custom solutions for automotive clients. 
AGCS has partnered with WorldAware (formerly red24), a global crisis management assistance company, whose dedicated Food Safety and Product Recall business unit helps our clients manage their product-related risks and respond to immediate crisis situations such as contamination and recall incidents. Support includes technical product testing in laboratories around the globe as well as advice and support on legal, regulatory and communications considerations.
In the current environment of expanding consumer safety regulation and ever more complex global supply chains the threat of product contamination and recall presents a growing risk to companies of all sizes. Whatever the reason for an incident, significant long-term costs can be incurred in recalling, replacing or destroying affected products and in rebuilding confidence. Such incidents are increasingly common and require a comprehensive crisis management approach. We offer comprehensive Product Recall insurance as well as bespoke Contaminated Products Insurance, both of which can be tailored to the unique needs of your business.

At AGCS we offer comprehensive terrorism and political violence insurance solutions, assisting our clients to address the increasingly volatile geopolitical risk landscape. At the core of our offering is our global network which allows us to provide our clients with multinational coverage.

We assist our clients by providing seamless cover along the lines of property, terrorism, SRCC (strikes, riots and civil commotion), war and civil war coverage because in many incidents it may not be clear which of the perils is triggered. AGCS terrorism and political violence coverage wraps around local pool arrangements in a Difference in Conditions / Difference in Limits fashion, where necessary, and assists our entertainment clients by offering event cancellation coverage due to terrorism or political violence.

Our Terrorism & Political Violence Insurance not only provides stand-alone terrorism coverage, but also offers protection against strikes, riots, and other forms of civil commotion even in politically unstable countries, which are often excluded from such policies. Additionally, protection against war and civil war can be added as an optional coverage component.

 The products and services described on this page may not be available in all AGCS locations. Please contact your local office for full information on local product availability.

Emergency situations can challenge even the most prepared company. If the unexpected happens, you can look forward to support from our partner WorldAware, a leading global crisis management assistance company.

Our partnership with WorldAware allows our customers to rapidly react in emergency situations by deploying response consultants at short notice to advise the affected companies and evacuate people on a 24/7 basis, regardless of the location.

As part of this service, you'll be able to access an online knowledge portal, filled with extensive safety, security, and travel-related advice and information.

Annual survey identifying business risks

Technology is breeding new threats as well as business models. Traditional risks such as natural catastrophes continue to challenge while other threats such as cyber, neck-and-neck with business interruption at the top of the Allianz Risk Barometer 2019 for the first time, reputational risk, increasing exposure to intangible assets and volatility and consolidation in the corporate environment evolve daily.

Top 3 global risks in 2019 

  1. Business interruption (37%) - 2018 rank: 1 (42%)
  2. Cyber incidents (37%) - 2018 rank: 2 (40%)
  3. Natural catastrophes (28%) - 2018 rank: 3 (30%)
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