Blockchain meets Captive

AGCS prototyped a blockchain-powered captive insurance platform with accelerated workflows for faster and more secure policy and claims management.


Powerful dashboards give you a global overview on real time.

Having a real-time overview of the status of all underlying processes in an international program allows for more effective communication for both AGCS and our clients.




Submit claims from anywhere in the world, fast and secure.

An immutable, transparent and traceable system allows all parties involved to feel in control and with a full understanding in every situation.




Benefit from a simple and guided policy extension workflow.

Intuitive and simplified processes enable easy onboarding and use for users and lower the communication barriers across geographies.




Experience lightning fast premium and claims payments.

Payments across various entities around the world happen seamlessly and can be tracked in real time, giving all parties the ability to better manage and control their finances.