General Aviation Insurance


General Aviation insurance worldwide

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty can provide the full range of General Aviation insurance for private and commercial clients on a worldwide basis.

With specialist GA underwriters and claims staff in offices around the world, we can provide general aviation insurance coverage whatever your needs.

Our staff are some of the most experienced general aviation insurance specialists in the business, and include pilots, engineers and legal experts, so you can be sure we understand aviation risks inside out.

All types of general aviation insurance

We insure all types of general aviation risks: from single aircraft on a ‘private business and pleasure’ basis to the largest commercial fleets and business jets.

And it’s not just hull and liability insurance for fixed and rotor-wing aircraft - or even balloons and airships - that we offer: we also cover ground-based risks such as fixed base operators, flying schools and clubs and GA service providers.

Our general aviation clients span the world, with aircraft flying in more than 160 national airspaces, as well as some of the most challenging aviation environments on earth – such as the Antarctic territories or Saharan Africa.

Our portfolio reflects the diversity of worldwide general aviation risks:

  • Commercial GA aircraft and fleets
  • Private GA aircraft inc. helicopters
  • Air taxis/charter and tourism services
  • Very light jets
  • Business aviation (Industrial aid)
  • Airfields and fixed base operators
  • Commercial rotor-wing aircraft and fleets
  • Balloons and airships (dirigibles)
  • Medical and rescue services
  • Gliding and soaring
  • Crop spraying (aerial applicators) and agriculture
  • Clubs and flying schools
  • Ground service providers
  • Refuellers and repairers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Aerospace manufacturers
  • Vintage aircraft and warbirds
  • Drones and flight models

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