Drone Insurance


Insurance for Drones and Flight Models

Flying a drone is easy, in some cases a smartphone is enough to take to the skies. Yet drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and their operators navigate a highly complex risk landscape.

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty provides expertise and a variety of UAS or drone insurance products to mitigate the various risks created by drones:

Within General Aviation: Physical damage (hull) for the vehicle, cameras, sensors and control stations; liability
Within Products: Aviation commercial general liability (CGL); aviation products liability; and non-owned aviation liability

The surge of drones and other new technologies may alter various companies’ risk profiles, for example in the construction, photography and film sectors. Often times, owners and pilots do not even realize that the use of the drones is subject to insurance obligations, as well as strict legal and regulatory requirements. In addition, an ascent permit is required. This which is why Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty offers first-class service and UAS expertise for comprehensive drone insurance, tailored to your company’s changing risk profile.

We write drone insurance for commercial operators, manufacturers, distributors and repairers, flight schools and training facilities and UAS service consumers (those who hire UAS operators to fly on their behalf).

Aviation Third Party Legal Liability Insurance for drones and flight models

For both privately-used flight models and commercially-used drones, a third party legal liability insurance is compulsory in most countries. This liability insurance could also be a prerequisite for the ascent permit of the local aviation authority. Our AGCS experts work closely with clients to ensure that all local regulations are considered.

Aviation Hull Insurance for drones

For high-priced, commercially-used drones, an additional hull insurance is recommended.

Coverage includes:

  • Aerial system
  • Remote control
  • Additional equipment (e.g. camera, surveying equipment)

Within the scope of the insurance contract, drones are insured against almost all risks, which they may be exposed to such as:

  • Flight accidents
  • Damage by direct impact of lightning strike, landslide, earthquake, rock-fall, high water, flooding,  hail, avalanches, snow pressure and storm
  • Fire and explosion
  • Theft, robbery and unauthorized use by persons outside the company
  • Damage and destruction by persons outside the company

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