Aerospace Insurance


Aerospace liability insurance for all types of aerospace risk

As a core part of our overall aviation service, our aerospace insurance teams provide tailored policies across the aerospace industry, covering all types of physical damage and liability for aerospace risks.

Our ability to combine a flexible approach to coverage with large underwriting capacity and AA-rated financial security has made us the lead insurer for a large number of very high profile clients, as well as allowing us to offer 100% lines on specialist aerospace risks within this sector.

And underwriting is only part of the story: our claims teams have a proven track record of supporting our clients through some of the industry’s largest aerospace insurance losses on a truly worldwide basis, protecting our clients’ reputations and ensuring fair and fast settlement of claims.

Covering aerospace insurance from A-Z

Our experience covers the entire spectrum of aerospace industry risk from niche suppliers to international Fortune 500 enterprises:

  • Prime manufacturers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Aerospace products liability
  • International airports
  • Regional and local airfields
  • Repairers & overhaulers
  • Air traffic control
  • Terminal buildings liability
  • Aviation suppliers
  • Ground handlers, refuellers & caterers     
  • Airside liability
  • Airport contractors
  • Ferry flights
  • Manufacturers hull coverage
  • Aerospace risk consulting

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