Recreation & Leisure Insurance


Robust coverage for country clubs, golf courses, swim clubs, spas and tennis clubs

As an owner of a recreation and leisure business, you need insurance that protects all aspects of your establishment whether members are playing, dining or enjoying a spa day. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) can tailor a policy that fits your club’s unique needs and can settle a claim for you quickly and efficiently.

Coverage for Golf Courses

Golf course trees, fairways, greens, walkways, bridges, irrigation systems and other property are covered under our Property-Gard®Golf Course extension. This extension covers loss of income, cleanup and cost of repair. Hail and windstorm peril coverage can also be added in some locations for extra protection.

Help Finding Key Employees

If your popular golf pro sustains an injury that means he can no longer play, or your award-winning chef is diagnosed with a serious illness, finding replacements that meet your high standards can be costly. When a key employee sustains a permanent injury or passes away, we cover the extra expense of filling that vacancy with the best of the best.

A Way to Retain your Wait Staff

Because of damage or necessary repairs, your dining room may need to close, which could leave wait staff looking for work elsewhere. We have a coverage you can add to your policy that allows you to count tips as part of payroll. This allows you to offer employees competitive compensation while on temporary leave, giving them incentive to stay at your club.

Valuable Wines

A club with an extensive wine cellar needs extra protection. With most policies, any lost wines are valued at purchase price. The AGCS Wine Collection Valuation endorsement pays menu price for wine that’s not easily replaceable.

Protection Against Spa Service Claims

AGCS offers professional liability coverage specifically to address spa risks. If a beauty treatment or massage ends in injury to a member, you will need extra protection to cover the cost of defending lawsuits, as well as payments to claimants.

Coverage When you Provide Daycare and Youth Programs

There are extra liabilities when children are on the premise — what if there is an abuse allegation? With an AGCS insurance policy you will have coverage on payments and legal fees for actual or threatened abuse of minors.

AGCS also offers you the services of a PR or emergency situation specialist, if there are abuse allegations made against your club. We believe that protecting your professional reputation is just as important as protecting your business’s physical assets.