Winery Insurance


Specialist winery insurance, from global operations to niche cuvées

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty’s winery insurance is broad and flexible, covering a winery’s needs from roots to retail.

Winemaking is part commercial, part agricultural and sometimes part hospitality — it’s niche yet diverse at the same time. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) can create a winery insurance policy that covers what you need, including E&O liability if your winery operates an event space.

Winery Insurance that Values Wine at Selling Price

AGCS values your loss at selling price so you are covered should something happen to your wine in an accident or in a natural disaster, such as a flood.

This important coverage applies to:

  • In-process wines
  • Library wines
  • Harvested fruit
  • Staged release wines

We also offer a number of flexible coverages to protect the specific operations that your winery runs:

Wine Leakage Insurance

You need to protect your business should your wine unfortunately find its way down the drain. With wine leakage coverage and the fair wine valuation from AGCS, you’ll have true protection against losing wine.

Agricultural Drift Insurance

Many vineyards use chemicals at some point. Even with responsible use, the direction of the wind or human error could mean negative effects for people, animals and other crops. This protection helps guard against mishaps that occur when you use farm chemicals on vines.  

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability coverage is a must for wineries with tasting rooms. This aspect of the policy will protect you against injury or damage that is directly related to your sale of alcohol.

Product Withdrawal Insurance

Wine can be recalled for a number of reasons: improper labeling, tainted wine or a hazard with the bottles. Our product withdrawal expense coverage addresses the related expenses of having to recall wine.

The extra protection covers:

  • Cost to announce the withdrawal to the public
  • Overtime to employees or contractors working on the withdrawal
  • Transfer or shipping costs to move the tainted wine
  • Storage space for up to 1 year after the withdrawal is initiated
  • Bills to dispose of the defective wine

Key Employee Extra Expense Insurance

Since winemaking is such a specialized job, it’s not always easy to find an employee with the skill set that you require, especially on short notice. The AGCS Key Employee Extra Expense coverage helps you recruit, relocate and train a new employee should you have an unexpected vacancy due to permanent disability or death.