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Liability Risk Consulting

Offering worldwide liability risk consulting services

Liability risk consulting is a broad field that requires expertise in many specific areas ranging from automotive, biotechnology, chemistry, genetic engineering, to food, railways, refinery, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and textiles.

In order to cover this wide range of sectors we offer liability risk consulting services in the following areas:

  • Environmental liability
  • Products liability and recall
  • Pharmaceuticals and clinical trials
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Facility management
  • Product tampering
  • Construction
  • Employer's liability

Environmental liability is an increasingly common service required by clients from all industries – as awareness for environmental issues is rising in industrialized as well as emerging countries, backed by increased regulatory standards.

Product liability and recall both involve planning, designing and testing of (new) products, quality control, checking advertising/sales literature, packaging and manuals.

Pharmaceutical products are unique: medical activities and possible side effects are extremely diverse which is why pharmaceuticals need to be authorized before going to the market. Authorization is based on data derived from clinical trials. The level of information regarding drugs and their risks is constantly evolving. It takes specific clinical research and pharmacology experts to keep up with recent developments.

The information and telecommunications industry also looks at very specific risks such as security and compliance. In addition availability and IT risk management are becoming more critical for all industries.

Product tampering requires its own experts in terms of risk consulting as a lot of variables have to be considered here: Who is a potential tamperer? What are feasible methods? Multiple levels of security need to be addressed to reduce the risk.

Construction liability includes public, owners and contractors protective liabilities, accidents that are not covered under worker’s compensation laws or injuries by third parties resulting from a construction site.

Employer's liability covers for example occupational disease claims or other injuries of employees. Depending on the industry, risk analysis is a complex task where experts are needed to determine the broad spectrum of exposures.

Liability risk consulting services - working in partnership

AGCS liability risk management covers exposure assessments and risk identification which is achieved through audits at client sites and desktop reviews of information from clients and third party data providers.

In addition claims assistance is a large part of the service offered. This service includes checking the causes, detecting the cause of the loss, assessing the facts and valuing the insured amount of the claim, coordinating follow-up actions and designing preventive measures.