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Entertainment Risk Consulting

Risk management expertise specifically for the entertainment industry

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) features a team of a dozen trained risk consultants who have decades of experience helping clients make productions and live events safer. AGCS customers benefit from more than 100 years’ experience in entertainment risk consulting through our comprehensive insurance policies, proven risk consulting strategies and swift claims services.

AGCS Entertainment risk consultants can help films and commercials throughout the entire process from story boards to script reviews to production with:

  • Compliance programs structured for remote sets, providing guidance on production personnel safety training.
  • Safety analysis of stunts with assessments of key items such as rigging or pyrotechnics.
  • Consultation on emergency action plans for production sites.

Live event organizers can benefit from AGCS risk consultants when they are in need of:

  • Risk management solutions to improve venue security and safety. AGCS works through vendor partners to leverage the latest technology in this area.
  • Venue management consulting for emergency response protocols, use of technology and life safety. 

Risk Management Partners for your Live Event or Entertainment Production

With this unparalleled experience, AGCS has identified a select group of companies to help you protect your entertainment business from losses. Event organizers can obtain training, purchase products and services, and receive risk management advice. These companies are nationwide, unless otherwise noted.

Event Safety Alliance 

AGCS Entertainment has entered into a partnership with the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) as Title Insurance Sponsor, playing an integral role in supporting event safety.

Entertainment industry members and safety experts founded the ESA with a mission to create a common safety protocol for assessing hazards and controls at live events in the United States. The group’s long term goal is to promote safer events through training and education.

The ESA has developed the Event Safety Guide that provides best practices for every aspect of live events. A diverse team comprised of tour managers, stage technicians, weather experts, firefighters, legal experts, insurance professionals and other event safety experts synthesized information from several established safety guides into a single document that is easy to understand and apply.

The Event Safety Guide is a living document, continually evaluated and updated as new approaches and technologies emerge. Building training tools and an accreditation program is also part of ESA’s safety initiative to make production of live events infinitely safer for all involved.

To stay up to speed with the latest ESA developments, visit

Event Intelligence Group
Greg Guzzetta

Managing efficient operations and public safety at large-scale public events — such as music festivals, marathons, political rallies and parades — has become more complex and challenging. The Event Intelligence Group provides the services and tools that help event organizers and health and safety managers maintain a more complete awareness of their environment to ensure a safer and more efficient event.

Event Intelligence Group gathers relevant data from on-site resources such as high-definition security cameras (HD CCTV), video analytics and social media. This information is collated and fed real-time into the Communications Center to be used to resolve problems before they escalate. Video analytics can count people, perform facial recognition, recognize license plates and track crowd density. The company performs location-based monitoring of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Four Square. They can also provide GPS tracking and live weather information.

Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) 
David VandenHeuvel
Senior Vice President [mail to:]
405.579.7675, ext. 266 (office)
405.541.0585 (mobile)

Weather can have a significant impact on a live event. It's important to protect event staff, artists and the audience from severe elements. Weather Decision Technologies monitors weather changes so the event organizer can focus on managing the event. Their world-renowned WeatherOps staff meteorologists:

  • Watch the event 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Provide alerts of pending weather events
  • Create color-coded, 7-day planners so you know what to expect
  • Offer venue-specific weather tracking
  • Provide custom, Web-based software

You can receive WDT weather alerts via Internet, SMS, mobile apps, mobile push alerts, and by phone from a meteorologist any time of day.