The power station is operated with a remote control system, without local human attendance. During a routine remote checking, the operator noted that the generator was not delivering any power but was running in motor mode. After isolation and water drainage, the inspection of the internal parts showed that the wheel was on free rotation on the shaft and had jammed in the inlet guide vanes and the exhaust bushing.
  • Occupancy: Hydropower Station
  • Property Damages: € 100,000
  • Business Interruption: 2 Months
  • Main Technical Data: Type: FRANCIS turbine
  • Power: 1,500 kW
  • Total head: 11 m
  • Flow: 60,000 m3/h
  • Speed: 157 rpm
  • Wheel diameter: 2 m
  • Bearing: Water lubricated journal bearinge
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