Hot work is defined as any activity that involves open flames or produces heat and/or sparks capable of initiating fires or explosions. Examples of hot work include: welding, cutting, grinding, drilling, soldering, brazing, torch-applied roofing, etc. Hot work may also include electrical work in areas which may contain flammable or explosive atmospheres. This list is not exhaustive, but should serve to highlight the type of activity which constitutes hot work.

Instructions for Permit Issuer:

  1. Inspect work area and verify all applicable precautions listed below have been taken or do not proceed with work
  2. Complete permit and display in work area
  3. Complete final check of work area

This complimentary eLearning course will assist with identifying hot work, understanding the hazards of hot work, and how to safely manage hot work using a permit program to prevent property damage and business interruption losses. The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and covers the following topics:

  • What is hot work?
  • Hot work loss lessons
  • Managing hot work
  • ARC hot work procedures
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