On a Saturday, around 9pm the amperage increases for a pump motor used to rotate the atomizer that transforms the liquid into water mist. As the amperage is surveyed and reported in the control room, the operator received the information. The control room operator observes that the amperage increases from 129 A to 139 A in a short period of time.

Some moments after this observation, a fire and an explosion are reported by the alarms and the deluge sprinkler system is manually activated by the operator.

The fire brigade is called and arrives on site 20 minutes later. Since the call to the fire brigade, the fire has spread into the building and has generated significant smoke. The  fire has also spread to the cyclonic equipment.

During the following six hours, the fire brigade fought a relatively small fire but with many difficulties due to:

  • The height of the building (more than 30 meters with
    several catwalks, mezzanines and intermediate floors)
  • The electrical shutdown
  • The night time
  • Occupancy: Spray dryer-dairies
  • Property Damage: € 6770000
  • Business Interruption: € 2500000
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