On October, 14th, around noon, a fire starts in the raw materials and finished products storage area under a canopy attached to the production building of a car dashboard and door panel manufacturing plant.

As the existing sprinkler protection of this canopy is not operational, the fire spreads rapidly due to the high combustible load (finished plastics products stored in portable racks or in plastic crates, plastic pellets in cardboard boxes, …). The fire is discovered by a plant supervisor as there is some production going on in the building on this Sunday. He transmits the alarm to the watchman on duty who calls the public Fire Brigade.

Their quick action allows to limit the extension of the fire to half of the canopy surface and to prevent its spread into the production building after a harsh 3- hour-fight by 80 firemen using the hydrants on the city water main.

  • Occupancy: Car interior systems manufacturing
  • Property Damage: € 4,000,000
  • Business Interruption: € 2,000,000 (additional costs)
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