In-depth studies based on Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty's (AGCS) global expertise and data, featuring business risks and latest industrial insurance trends

The impact of autonomous machines to insurance industry

The Chief Risk Officer Forum (CRO) has launched a new report on Autonomous Machines.
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Hurricane Sandy 5-year anniversary report

Reviewing the lessons learned from Sandy five years later and evaluating the recent hurricane season
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Emerging liability risks - Nanotechnology in food

This risk bulletin examines nanotechnology and its applications to the insurance industry.
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Emerging liability risks - Legionellosis, a bacterial infection

Legionellosis – a bacterial infection – is fast emerging as a serious threat to the public and businesses.
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Water risks - Emerging risk for the global society

Water risks are often underestimated, disregarded or simply ignored. How can the insurance and reinsurance industry offer assistance?
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Management liability today - D&O insurance insights

Tightening regulations, emerging technologies, increasing shareholder activism, intensifying class action litigation activity, etc. are all challenges for corporate directors and officers.
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Megacities - Pushing the boundaries of our industries

The number of megacities around the world is increasing. More than 40 are expected by 2030, with this trend a particular phenomenon across Asia.
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Rise of the drones - Managing the risks associated with UAS

Drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) used to be primarily associated with military operations. Today, compact versions are increasingly operating in everyday life and the UAS industry is fast becoming a multi-billion dollar business.
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Panama Canal expansion: Impact on shipping and insurance

Briefing on the risk management impact of the 2016 expansion of the Panama Canal on the maritime industry and insurance. Read the full report.
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