In-depth studies based on Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty's (AGCS) global expertise and data, featuring business risks and latest industrial insurance trends

Allianz Risk Barometer 2019 - Top global business risks

The most important corporate perils for the year ahead and beyond, based on the insight of more than 2,415 risk management experts.
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Global Claims Review 2018 - Top causes of corporate insurance losses

This report examines global developments in corporate insurance claims, highlighting the top causes of loss, and other trends.
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Emerging liability risks - The "Toxic Trio" in the costmetic industry

The potential for synergistic effects of a so-called “toxic trio” of hazardous chemicals used in personal care products threatens to expose them to latent liabilities.
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The rise of artificial intelligence - Future outlooks and emerging risks

In addition to bringing a number of benefits, Artificial Intelligence (AI), like any disruptive technology, will also introduce new risks to society.
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Product recall - Managing the impact of the new risk landscape

This report examines current and emerging risk and loss trends in product recall.
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Emerging liability risks - Nanotechnology in food

This risk bulletin examines nanotechnology and its applications to the insurance industry.
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Emerging liability risks - Legionellosis, a bacterial infection

Legionellosis – a bacterial infection – is fast emerging as a serious threat to the public and businesses.
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Managing business interruptions and supply chain risk

Rapid globalization has increased the interconnectedness of risks. Events that occur in one industry or country can now rapidly transmit to other industries around the globe.
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