Global Risk Dialogue
Winter/Spring 2019

Download the latest issue of AGCS' biannual magazine Global Risk Dialogue, which contains news and expert insights from the world of corporate risk.

The insurance industry is ever-changing. These days, however, change seems to come faster and with more potential for catastrophic loss. As new risks like “silent” cyber perils – losses caused by a cyber incident, which are not covered by traditional P/C policies – continue to occur and escalate in numbers, insurers are reevaluating how they are covered, which is of great interest to policyholders, risk managers and brokers, alike.

Another new peril - still evolving -  is the introduction of unmanned passenger or "drone" taxis. Although only experimental at this stage, such vehicles promise to change transportation and mobility insurance. How will the new technology be regulated? How will insurance respond? Our experts weigh-in.

The issue also examines wildfire risk mitigation, as each season seems to experience ever-worsening conflagrations, as well as exposures on television and film production sets – from injured actors and business interruption (BI) to fire, wind and flood. Elsewhere, we examine some of the main factors currently influencing loss activity in the aviation sector.

Finally, we look at the main loss drivers in BI claims over the last five years, claims trends involving animals or insects, and speak to our Global Head of Engineering, Chris van Gend, about trends in the engineering/construction market.

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