Global Risk Dialogue
Winter/Spring 2018

Download the latest issue of AGCS' biannual magazine Global Risk Dialogue, which contains news and expert insights from the world of corporate risks.
has a special focus on extreme weather events, which pose an increasing threat in a world where changing weather seems the new normal. 2017 was a record-breaking natural catastrophe year with six major hurricanes, as well as wildfires, earthquakes and even mudslides. We look at what companies can do to best manage the impact of such events, how to plan for and manage business interruption and feature some real-life examples of how claim adjusters in the field help bring businesses back from the brink of calamity.

Extreme weather is not the only disruptor, however. This issue also examines the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) by insurers and how AI is swiftly reimagining the insurance transaction – from policy rating and billing to claims payment – all in real-time. AGCS combines the new technology with greater use of data to provide services and risk transfer solutions in response to the client’s emerging role and needs.

Data protection is also front-and-center, as we look at the May 25, 2018, implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU which will challenge multinational and small-to-medium businesses, alike, with stiff fines for non-compliance.
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