Global Risk Dialogue
Summer/Fall 2017

Download the latest issue of AGCS' biannual magazine Global Risk Dialogue, which contains news and expert insights from the world of corporate risks.

has a special focus on “intangible” business interruption risks, which pose an increasing threat in today’s interconnected world. A cyber or terrorism incident can result in significant disruption for businesses, even if they are not directly affected. We look at what companies can do to best manage the impact of such unpredictable events.

The world’s changing climate represents another unknown. The issue explores how the global wine-growing business is being changed by extreme weather and what worried vineyard owners can do about it. We also take a deep dive into developments in autonomous shipping, which is anticipated to improve safety at sea despite the fact that widespread implementation will have significant implications for ship-owners and necessitate a very different approach from insurers, in support of their clients.

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