Global Risk Dialogue
Summer/Fall 2015

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explains how in 1915 the underwriting of an airship insurance policy began what is now a 100-year-old relationship between Allianz and the aviation industry. This edition shows some of the significant developments that have shaped this partnership – from supporting the daring exploits of the early aviators to aiding 21 space launches last year alone.

As well as looking back, we also look to the future – identifying not only the risks that are likely to challenge the aviation industry in years to come, but also those which will impact the maritime world. The recent introduction of the largest  container ships ever built demonstrates the remarkable innovation of this industry but also raises questions about whether risk management needs rethinking, as vessels increase in size.

Meanwhile, introduction of so-called “smart ships” could enhance productivity and safety in future. However, as well as presenting opportunities, such new technologies often entail risk challenges of a different nature…

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