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Addressing the challenges of clinical trials insurance

Often thought of a simple off-the-shelf product, clinical trials insurance can be considerably more complex.
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Drivers of the product recall risk landscape

In the past product recalls were relatively straightforward and could often pass unnoticed by the public.
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Drivers of the liability loss landscape

Liability losses can range from the minor (goods damaged in transit) to the bizarre (a run-in with a flying squirrel) to major disaster events which dominate the global headlines.
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Product recall - Drivers and trends

AGCS experts examine eight emerging developments in product recall risk.
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Product recall - Preventing a crisis

Five key steps to managing a recall
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Unusual liability claims

Liability losses can range from everyday occurrences to the major disaster events which make global headlines.
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Liability claims trends 2017

AGCS experts examine 10 emerging developments in liability insurance: claims becoming more expensive, environmental claims increasing, large industrial claims potential materializing in Latin America, etc.
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Risk management best practice

These checklists have been designed as a practical guide to the potential duties and liabilities of directors of companies.
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