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ESG Risk Briefing 1 2019

This ESG risk briefing focuses on India and its development towards renewable energy sources, especially solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.
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ESG Risk Briefing 4 2018

The current debate on digitalization is dominated by the enormous opportunities that it offer, whilst discussions about the sustainability impacts have also been picking up pace.
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ESG Risk Briefing 3 2018

Efficient and urban mobility is essential for African economic and social development.
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The predictive power of ESG for insurance

AGCS and The Value Group, undertakes pioneering research on the relevance of ESG for industrial insurance.
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ESG Risk Briefing 2 2018

To sustain Africa’s growth and accelerate development of other sectors, investment in infrastructure is fundamental.
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ESG Risk Briefing 1 2018

The energy market is undergoing a massive transformation.
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ESG Risk Briefing 4 2017

The concept of Natural Capital helps businesses to understand the benefits from and impact on nature in financial terms.
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ESG Risk Briefing 3 2017

Corporate supply chains have become ever more complex. Today, an estimate of 80% of global trade passes through supply chains.
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ESG Risk Briefing 2 2017

Emerging Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) trends with a focus on Asia's energy market and biodiversity.
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