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ChemMeta® - „Big Data“ im Dienst der Produktsicherheit

Industrieunternehmen wie auch Versicherer profitieren von den Erkenntnissen, die das Analyse-Unternehmen Praedicat aus komplexen Datenmengen zieht.
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Trend compass - Digital platforms reach critical mass

Of all the complex technological developments confronting companies today, the one with the most immediate impact is digital platforms.
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Versicherungsschutz für Cybervorfälle

Auf dem Weg zum Cybermassenmarkt sind für Kunden und Versicherer gleichermaßen tragfähige Konzepte gefordert.
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Silent cyber

So-called “silent" cyber exposures in traditional property-casualty (P/C) insurance policies create uncertainty for clients, brokers and insurers alike.
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Allianz Risk Barometer 2019 - Major risks in focus: Cyber

Cyber risk takes center stage, as businesses struggle with major system outages, large data breaches and an emerging conflict threat.
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Spotlight on cyber business interruption

Whether resulting from cyber-attacks or, more frequently, from system outages or failures, cyber incidents are now a major cause of business interruption for today’s networked companies.
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Technology - Shippers get serious about cyber threat

Major attacks like the NotPetya malware incident have been a wake-up call for the shipping sector.
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Allianz Risk Barometer 2018 - Major risks in focus: Cyber

New threats such as “cyber hurricanes”, increasing reputational risk and tougher data rules mean businesses and risk experts are more concerned than ever.
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When businesses get bit by bytes

As digitalization transforms the industrial world there is a significant cyber risk for companies delivering products and services.
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