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Never work with animals or insects...

Based on latest Global Claims Review almost 2% (6,888) of all claims last year have involved animals.
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Aviation claims trends 2018

The global airline industry recently experienced its safest year ever, yet the number of aviation claims shows no sign of abating.
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Energy claims trends 2018

Number of large fire and explosion incidents, the return of powerful windstorms, the changing price of oil and the growing potential for cyber incidents continue to occupy companies’ and insurers’ thoughts.
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Marine claims trends 2018

The frequency of major hull claims remains low, yet natural catastrophes and fires have resulted in some large hull and cargo losses in recent years.
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Drivers of the liability loss landscape

Liability losses can range from the minor (goods damaged in transit) to the bizarre (a run-in with a flying squirrel) to major disaster events which dominate the global headlines.
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Allianz claims dashboard 2017

At-a-glance data identifying the top causes of liability loss for businesses and breakdown of insurance claims by average and median payments, region and selected countries.
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Unusual liability claims

Liability losses can range from everyday occurrences to the major disaster events which make global headlines.
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Liability claims trends 2017

AGCS experts examine 10 emerging developments in liability insurance: claims becoming more expensive, environmental claims increasing, large industrial claims potential materializing in Latin America, etc.
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Energy claims trends 2015

Growing exposures and interdependencies mean that complex and costly business interruption losses now dominate many large onshore energy claims.
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