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Six aviation loss trends on the radar

Despite a number of crashes, the global airline industry has also experienced some of its safest years ever in recent times, yet the number of claims shows no sign of abating.
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Taxi drones

One day, commuting in an unmanned electric flying taxi will be possible: fast, economical, traffic-free – and with a virtual zero-carbon footprint.
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Aviation claims trends 2018

The global airline industry recently experienced its safest year ever, yet the number of aviation claims shows no sign of abating.
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Use of drones in the shipping sector set to take off

Unmanned systems are finding a growing number of applications in the maritime sector.
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Small-aircraft ride-sharing program takes off in EU

Democratizing the skies over Europe, Wingly offers private pilots and passengers an option for sharing the costs and passion of non-commercial flight.
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What happens when there is a major airline accident?

Claims settlement step-by-step.
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Uses and benefits of UAS

Widely referred to by the public as drones, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are piloted remotely on the ground via control stations.
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Airlander 10: The world's largest aircraft takes to the skies

Housed in one of the largest hangers in the world – where the first airships were stored a century ago – a hybrid “airship” debuts in the skies over England this spring.
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How aviation safety has improved

Aviation accidents continue to horrify till this day, yet safety has been the highest priority for the aviation industry over the past 100 years.
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