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In the eye of the storm

How much can hurricanes and windstorms cost and what can businesses do to mitigate their losses?
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War (insurance) - What is it good for?

Marine hull, cargo and war insurance policies can help protect vessels sailing into risky waters but how do they work?
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Trend compass - Millennials and the coming war for talent

Millennials are already disrupting insurance both as employees and as consumers - The new workforce is one of the key trends for companies.
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Managerfehler – und dann?

Heike Krüger, Schaden-Expertin in der D&O-Versicherung der AGCS, kennt die komplizierte Materie im Schadenfall. Das sind ihre Erfahrungen.
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Green energy: Insuring a renewables future

Renewable energy promises to provide a cleaner future, but the uncertainty it brings with it means renewables can be risky for both insurers and investors.
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ChemMeta® - „Big Data“ im Dienst der Produktsicherheit

Industrieunternehmen wie auch Versicherer profitieren von den Erkenntnissen, die das Analyse-Unternehmen Praedicat aus komplexen Datenmengen zieht.
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ESG Risk Briefing - Illegal, unregulated fishing

What is illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, why is it a problem and what is the role of insurers in combating IUU fishing?
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Autonomous shipping makes waves

Progress continues to be made but technology is not a panacea if the root cause of incidents and losses is not addressed.
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Container ship fires issue continues to burn

Fires and explosions on board such vessels continue to generate large losses with an incident occurring every 60 days on average.
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