Marine piracy - an ancient risk with modern faces

Allianz marine piracy study highlights how ship-owners can respond to increased risk.

As the threat of piracy off the Horn of Africa continues to grow, this report provides an overview of recent developments in piracy, focusing on how ship-owners can address the risk through both active risk management and suitably tailored 'war' insurance policies for ships in risk risk areas.

In addition, the study points out that crews entering dangerous waters must be prepared to handle an attack, and it calls for a more coordinated solution to the recent wave of piracy.


Risk mitigation measures are an essential part of any ship's anti-piracy strategy. Click on the image for a large scale view.

AGCS also identifies a number of practical responses that crews can take when passing through piracy zones, and the study also points out that whilst piracy may be on the rise off Somalia and other parts of Africa, it is declining in other areas, but still poses a real threat to shipping and trade.