Fire Protection Impairment Management

Allianz has developed a Fire Protection Impairment Management guidance document to:

  • Supervise the safe shutdown of fire protection systems
  • Control potential fire hazards during the impairment
  • Minimize the duration of the impairment by reinstating the fire protection system as soon as possible

An impairment occurs when a fire protection or detection system, fire alarm system or other system designed to maintain the fire resistance of the building element or structure is taken out of service, either wholly or in part, planned or unplanned. Fire protection or detection equipment subject to impairment management includes automatic sprinkler systems, fire protection water supplies, fire pumps, fire mains, gas extinguishing systems, foam systems, fire detection systems, water mist systems, powder systems, explosion suppression systems, fire doors, etc.

Download the Fire Protection Impairment Management document available in:


Also, download the Fire Protection System Impairment Notification & Restoration form in: