Allianz Risk Barometer 2016

The fifth annual Allianz Risk Barometer identifies the top corporate perils for 2016 and beyond, based on the responses of more than 800 risk experts from 40+ countries around the globe.


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Executive Summary

Snapshot: Top Business Risks 2016 Around the World
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Business interruption (incl. supply chain disruption), market developments (volatility, intensified competition and market stagnation) and cyber incidents are the top three global business risks. Business interruption (BI) is top for the fourth year in succession. Read more

The risk landscape is changing. Businesses face a wider range of disruptive forces in 2016 and beyond. The effects of globalization, digitalization and technological disruption pose fundamental challenges to many business models. Read more

Businesses and insurers must review their insurance and risk mitigation needs to reflect this new risk management reality. Refining existing, and developing new, risk services will be necessary. Read more

Interconnectivity of risk continues to grow. Many of the top 10 risks such as natural catastrophes, fire, explosion, cyber incidents and political risks can have severe BI implications. Businesses are increasingly concerned about the impact political instability can have on supply chains. Read more

Market developments is the second top risk. Many industrial sectors are facing tougher operating conditions, including intensified competition from new areas. Read more

Businesses are more concerned about cyber incidents, which is the top long-term risk and the peril most likely to increase the threat of BI. Hackers are not the only
problem. Operational technology issues also result in major system interruptions.
Read more

Digital and technological innovations and transformations, such as Industry 4.0, bring new risks in addition to benefits. Increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks is the impact of increasing digitalization that businesses fear most. Many companies have insufficient knowledge and budget to mitigate this risk, as the threat continues to evolve. Read more

There are significant differences in the top 10 risks around the world. Macroeconomic developments tops the Africa & Middle East rankings. Cyber incidents is the number one risk in the UK. Read more


The most important risks for businesses by country

Australia           -       Austria         -          Belgium                  -       Canada

China               -       Croatia         -          France                    -      Germany

Hungary           -       Russia          -          South Africa            -       Spain

Switzerland       -      Turkey          -          United Kingdom       -       USA


Allianz Risk Barometer methodology

The fifth annual Allianz Risk Barometer survey was conducted among global businesses, as well as risk consultants, underwriters, senior managers and
claims experts within both AGCS and local Allianz entities during October and November 2015. Its focus is on the corporate insurance sector for both
large and small to mid-sized industrial companies.

There were a record 824 respondents from a total of 44 countries. As multiple answers for up to two industries were possible 1,146 answers were delivered. Participants were asked to name industries about which they are particularly
knowledgeable and then name up to three risks they believe to be of most importance.

Most answers were for large enterprises (over €500m/$540m revenue) [674 responses 59%] next to small and mid-size enterprises (up to €500m revenue) [472 responses 41%]. Ranking changes in the Risk Barometer are determined by positions year-on-year, ahead of percentages.