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Safety and Shipping Review 2017
19 June 2017

This review focuses on key developments in maritime safety and analyzes shipping losses.

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    How Does a Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Freeze?
    08 June 2016

    There’s no doubt that fire sprinklers save lives. However, an improperly maintained fire sprinkler can cause significant water damage during freezing weather conditions.

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    Manufacture Safe Products with a Loss Liability Prevention Program
    14 March 2016

    This bulletin from Allianz Risk Consulting (ARC) details how companies should implement a Loss Liability Prevention Program, including product hazard-review procedures, to reduce potential injuries and lawsuits.

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    Allianz Risk Barometer 2016
    27 January 2016

    The fifth annual Allianz Risk Barometer identifies the top corporate perils for 2016 and beyond, based on the responses of more than 800 risk experts from 40+ countries around the globe.

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    Roof or Terrace : Stormwater drainage
    23 December 2015

    his risk bulletin examines the learnings after a 250 m² surface area collapsed.

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    Fire loss of a maturation/drying area of polyurethane blocks
    23 December 2015

    This risk bulletin features the case, in which a fire loss of a maturation/drying area of polyurethane blocks was avoided thanks to a sprinkler system.

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