A selection of short videos, featuring AGCS news and stories from around our network

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    Delphine Maidou on global claims
    22 December 2015

    Delphine Maïdou, CEO AGCS Africa, talks on CCTV Africa News about large claims following unexpected interruptions.

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    Delphine Maidou on Nigerian infrustructure
    03 December 2015

    Delphine Maidou, the CEO fo AGCS Africa, speaks on CNBC on the state of Nigerian infrustructure.

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    Nigel Pearson on the cyber risk market
    15 September 2015

    Nigel Pearson, Head of Fidelity at AGCS, speaks about the prospects of the cyber market in Europe and the US.

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    Head of Market Management Regional Unit London on Risk Barometer 2015
    08 September 2015

    Brian Kirwan speaks about business risks and their increasing complexities on

  • /assets/Thumbnails/Non-People%20Thumbnails/piracy-am-best-thumbnail.jpg
    Head of Global Marine Americas John Barnwell on Piracy
    17 December 2013

    AM Best video discussing the latest trends in maritime piracy

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