Danger on the High Seas: Cyber Risks

The digital era is opening up new possibilities for the maritime industry, from remote monitoring of engines and systems to the development of autonomous ships. But it is also making it increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The podcast, coming on the heels of the AGCS Safety & Shipping Review 2017, is another in a continuing series of productions featuring AGCS experts and thought-leaders.

Modern vessels are increasingly dependent on computer and software, yet in a recent episode of the AGCS Podcast, Captain Andrew Kinsey, Senior Marine Risk Consultant. ARC, notes that 84% of crew members are not receiving any cyber risk training at sea. Clearly, the maritime industry is grappling with increasing digitalization and the ever burgeoning cyber threat.


Table of Contents:

1:05 - 2:22  Top steps for cyber risk management
2:23 - 3:34  What happens on board a ship?
3:35 - 5:13  How are sailors being trained?
5:14 - 6:45  Future of cyber - Unamnned vessels, etc.
6:46 - 8:15  Hacking of the Port of Antwerp
8:16 - 9:58  What's next?