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"Global Risk Dialogue" magazine, with news and views from the broad field of corporate risk, appears twice a year.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Spring 2013
    18 April 2014

    Infrastructure: Transforming the world. Infrastructure development is critical to support social progress and economic growth. The insurance industry supports these enormous investments as risk consultants and risk carrier.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Autumn 2012
    18 April 2014

    Extreme Environments: higher, deeper, riskier? Cemetery orbits for defunct satellites, deep-sea oil production and mega-size construction in the desert. Businesses operate in ever-more-challenging surroundings but risk management is answering the call.

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    Global Risk Dialogue - Spring 2012
    27 March 2012

    New technologies, growing digitalization and complex interdependencies in a global economy are presenting huge risk challenges. Which risks are currently underrated by most companies?

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    "Global Risk Dialogue" fall 2011
    26 September 2011

    Living in a global network of political and economic industries raises the question of benefits and disadvantages. What does this mean for our business and which opportunities and risks do we face in the future?

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    "Global Risk Dialogue" spring 2011
    07 April 2011

    Demand for energy is growing as never before. Along with that comes the demand for cleaner, more efficient energy sources. What challenges does industry face today to ensure we will have energy tomorrow?

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