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Editor’s pick
“There’s no turning back to the old reality”
20 February 2018

Katinka Barysch, German economist and financial commentator, and the Director of Political Affairs for Allianz SE answers questions about world events and if things can ever go back to "normal."

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    The D&O landscape today
    28 November 2016

    In these times of rapidly-changing risks and increasing compliance, corporate leaders are under pressure as never before.

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    4 Questions for … David Cloward, Global Product Leader Live Entertainment, AGCS
    15 November 2016

    The motorsports industry is fast-moving and fast-growing. As a niche market, half entertainment and half live event, lots can – and does – go wrong, requiring an insurer that understands the perils and pitfalls from starting line to finish line.

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    How cyber risk can impact megacities
    12 October 2016

    The number of megacities is increasing. Such highly interconnected, dynamic and vibrant centers are predicted to contribute higher income and living standards for their citizens over time. However, they also bring a number of new risk challenges.

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    Improving UAS safety: Insurance and Risk Mitigation
    13 September 2016

    The potential risks which accompany the anticipated increase in UAS usage highlight the need for operators to carry insurance coverage to help protect themselves and the general public.

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    UAS - Regulatory Differences and Challenges
    13 September 2016

    Compared with manned aviation, global regulation of UAS is in its infancy with about 800 working groups trying to harmonize the process.

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