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Editor’s pick
“There’s no turning back to the old reality”
20 February 2018

Katinka Barysch, German economist and financial commentator, and the Director of Political Affairs for Allianz SE answers questions about world events and if things can ever go back to "normal."

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    UAVs - risk and liability challenges
    02 December 2015

    Today, compact versions of drones are increasingly operating in everyday life, but the rise of such innovative technology also brings a number of risk and liability challenges.

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    Product recall - dealing with danger in the digital age
    02 December 2015

    When a product's safety comes into question, time is everything. Decisions need to be made quickly, but ill-judged ones can add cost and damage a company’s reputation.

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    Live events risks
    02 December 2015

    Live concerts and festivals are increasingly elaborate productions that generate enormous amounts of revenue. And behind the scenes, risk management ensures the show can go on.

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    In Profile: Captain Rahul Khanna on mega-ships and mega-risks
    16 October 2015

    Captain Rahul Khanna, the Global Head of Marine Risk Consulting at AGCS, gives a captain’s perspective as he reflects on navigating big ships.

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    Financial Lines Q&A
    06 October 2015

    Paul Schiavone, the Regional Head of Financial Lines North America, shares his insight on the trends seen in North American Financial Lines, what differentiates Allianz products in his region and more.

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