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Fast-changing Arctic and North Atlantic conditions bring route risks
18 July 2018

Climate change is impacting ice hazards for shipping, freeing up new trade routes in some areas, while increasing the risk of ice in others.

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    When businesses get bit by bytes
    01 August 2017

    As digitalization transforms the industrial world there is a cyber risk for companies delivering products and services. Implementing risk management procedures should be top priority, including understanding the threat posed by business interruption.

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    Over-exposed - vineyard volatility amid a changing climate
    01 August 2017

    Climate disruptions are increasing in volatility throughout the world. Among one of the hardest hit is agribusiness – specifically wineries – which depend on stable soils and climatological consistency.

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    Risk innovation: New tools and new ways to approach risk mitigation
    23 December 2016

    New innovative tools are in place to predict casualty exposures – “the next asbestos” – that can potentially be dangerous to companies and economies.

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    Risk Snapshot: “Fortuna” CCGT plant
    01 June 2016

    Stadtwerke Düsseldorf and Siemens fire up power plant and break three world records.

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    Industry 4.0: A new definition of manufacturing?
    01 June 2016

    The “post-information” age of augmented reality, big data, “clouds” and other technologies is upon us, but it necessitates refining existing and developing new risk services offered for manufacturing risks.

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