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For knowledge sharing worldwide, features on a variety of risk topics in both the AGCS in-house media and external publications.

Editor’s pick
Fast-changing Arctic and North Atlantic conditions bring route risks
18 July 2018

Climate change is impacting ice hazards for shipping, freeing up new trade routes in some areas, while increasing the risk of ice in others.

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    Offshore wind farms – pioneering work on the high seas
    06 April 2011

    European wind farms are moving offshore. AGCS is promoting international quality standards for this emerging industry.

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    Capturing Carbon Emissions
    06 April 2011

    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems about to enter large scale industrial use.

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    Public Good: Environmental Liability Insurance
    25 November 2010

    Expert Klaus Burkhardt explains the backgruond of environmental liability insurance and its implications for the environment in an interview with the Allianz Knowledge Site.

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    Reinstating Buildings to Green Specifications
    20 April 2010

    Allianz and HSBC Insurance are partnering to provide clients with green reinstatement insurance. This kind of cover encourages builders to create more energy-efficient structures.

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    Environmental Liability
    23 October 2008

    The latest EU guidelines for environmental liability put stricter demands on companies.

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