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Fast-changing Arctic and North Atlantic conditions bring route risks
18 July 2018

Climate change is impacting ice hazards for shipping, freeing up new trade routes in some areas, while increasing the risk of ice in others.

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    Hurricane Season outlook 2018
    08 June 2018

    Due to the high impact of land-falling hurricanes, the AGCS Reinsurance and Catastrophe Management team annually provides an outlook of the upcoming hurricane season.

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    Energy Claims trends
    09 December 2015

    Growing exposures and interdependencies mean that complex and costly business interruption losses now dominate many large onshore energy claims.

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    Low Margins for Error
    05 November 2012

    Drilling for oil is becoming more and more challenging as reserves are being depleted, forcing new drilling in perilous locations.

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    Environmental Liability - International solutions with local approaches
    29 September 2011

    Globalization and stricter legislation draw on the need for corporations to take greater care managing environmental risk.

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    Business Airport Frankfurt-Egelsbach: Always on track
    28 September 2011

    With the recovery of the financial crisis underway and globalization calling for greater mobility, major corporations are turning once again to the service of the business aircraft sector.

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