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Safety First - Annual Broker Event of AGCS Italy

On June 16, 2011 the annual broker event of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Italy took place in Milan – this year with two very special guests, who had a lot to say on the event’s motto “Safety First”: Formula One™ Safety Car driver and Allianz Safety Ambassador Bernd Maylaender, and Formula One™ expert, moderator and former pilot, Christian Danner.

Allianz has been a strong partner for the F1™ since 2000. Especially the topics of risk management and road safety are heavily pushed through the branding of the Safety Car and the Medical Car, both featured prominently at every Grand Prix.

The Mercedes-Benz Showroom in Milan, the biggest one in southern Europe, provided the perfect location for the event. After AGCS Italy Director Giorgio Bidoli had welcomed the guests, Bernd Maylaender and Christian Danner presented the latest improvements in F1™ in terms of safety and risk control, and discussed the importance of a consistent Risk Management. Danner stated: “You cannot rely on luck and think that nothing can go wrong – you always have to expect the unexpected”.


Bernd Maylaender talks about his experiences as Formula One Safety Car Driver . From left to right: Andrea Albertini, AGCS RC, Angela Rebecchi, Market Management Italy, Giorgio Bidoli, Director AGCS Italy, Christian Danner, Bernd Maylaender

After having just come back from a very turbulent Grand Prix in Canada, Bernd Maylaender had the opportunity to give first-hand information to the highly intrigued audience on how F1™ continuously works to enhance safety standards for the drivers, and to bring Risk Management to an even higher level. Maylaender has been the official F1™ Safety Car driver since 2000, incidentally the same year that Allianz first became involved in F1™ sponsoring.

Danner also told about the developments which the F1-world went through in the last 20 years, both from his experience as pilot as well as in his role as consultant of F1™ companies. He specifically focused on technological evolutions of cars and circuits, and the procedures which were applied to prevent, but also to face accidents. A lively Q&A session with the F1™ experts, lead by Angela Rebecchi, Head of Market Management Italy, followed.

The event ended with a presentation by Andrea Albertini from AGCS Risk Consulting on risk management solutions and business continuity processes after a loss event by AGCS Risk Control Engineering. The link between a Risk Management approach on safety procedures after an accident in a F1 race, and the business continuity plan a Company should put in place after a loss event, were illustrated by the AGCS engineer.


They know how to drive: Christian Danner, Formula One expert, moderator and ex-driver, and Bernd Maylaender, Offical Formula One Safety Car Driver

The feedback from the participants of the Italian broker event was throughout positive. Risk management and business continuity are top topics nowadays, after the tragic events in Japan earthquake more than ever, and thus very interesting for our clients. The participation of the Allianz Safety Experts was definitely a highlight for the enthusiastic audience.