Fire & Safety EXPO in Korea 2010

The Fire & Safety EXPO 2010, the largest fire trade fair in Korea took place from August 20- 23 2010 in Daegu, Korea, providing products & technology news and the latest market trends in fire protection.

The event was supported by the Korean Institute of Fire Protection and Industry (KFI) and the national emergency management agency (NEMA). Karim Karzazi, Risk Consultant and expert for fire protection and sprinklers was invited to give a presentation in front of about 200 fire-fighters, fire protection industrials and students in fire protection. The power point slides were in English and translated into Korean:

> English version

> Korean version


Karim Karzazi of AGCS (third from left) joins delegates at the 2010 Fire & Safety EXPO in South Korea.

In terms of sprinkler protection, Korea is a very interesting country and represents one of the largest markets worldwide as regulations encourage sprinkler usage. Every year about 9 million sprinkler heads are installed in Korea. In comparison, Germany installs about 2 million and France about 1.2 million every year. Yet in terms of design density for industrial risks and storage the standards in Korea remain lower than the requirements in Europe and the United States.

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty is very active in the European task group for sprinkler installation rules and standards and is pleased to share its expertise in this very important field of fire protection.