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Cyber insurance Conference in Moscow was held on November 02 2016

Electronic technologies today take a big part in our daily life and are involved in most areas of enterprises. Traditional brick and mortar businesses are moving more towards E-commerce meaning that storage and processing of personal, functional and payment data is performed online, exposing it to fraudsters and hacker attacks as well as for disloyal employees. For example, almost 100% of large enterprises’ production facilities are automated and an interruption of the controlling system may impact the work process for many days resulting in significant losses of income and rising recovery spending, and we see many examples of such kind.

How well is your company protected? We have conducted a survey among our clients and found interesting trends and misconceptions.

Together with our partners - Group IB (Information security) we tried to understand the situation better and explained technologies which exist today to minimize possible damage.

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All presentations from the conference are available for download below: