Baltic Broker Event in Riga

Around 20 key brokers (Aon, Marsh and local brokers) participated in the event which was organized as a breakfast seminar to give the opportunity to network and discuss immediate and future opportunities.

Presentations were held on all lines of business offered by AGCS in the Baltic Region from the following speakers:

  • Helle Ingholt, Regional Head of Property Nordic Region & CEE
  • David Cook, Regional Head of Liability Nordic Region & CEE
  • Jesper Thybo Larsen, Regional Head of Marine Nordic Region & CEE
  • Mikkel Johannesson, Head of Financial Lines Baltic
  • All presentations had angles on the special AGCS approach with the involvement of risk engineers from Allianz Risk Consulting (ARC).

It was the first time the event was held and it will be followed up with networking visits. The direct output was several submissions within the risk appetite and the promise of additional submissions to be sent after the event.

Broker event in Riga

As a special bonus a hotel guest who saw our promotional material by chance sat down to study the AGCS marketing material at our venue. Satisfied with the content he presented himself as manager of a local firm and asked how we could start on insuring his company.